Green Bites - Enews July 2016

July 2016


Annual Parks Report: making headlines

For Canada Parks Day In July, CPAWS put out our annual Parks Report. The Report sounded the alarm over Parks Canada’s shift away from managing national parks in a way that makes nature conservation a priority. See what needs to change to protect our national parks. Read More!

See a hare, leave it there

Every year people who have only the best of intentions orphan hundreds of baby wildlife species. It’s an easy mistake to think a young hare has been abandoned or a crow is injured. See photos of the babies and learn more about their habits so you don’t pick them up by mistake.  Read More.


Horseback Riding:  Featuring Griffin Valley Ranch

Horseback riding ranges from a relaxing hobby, to a source of livelihood, to high-stakes competition in our province. It’s an excellent way to be social with fellow riders, enjoy time with animals and feel more connected to the natural world around you.  Read More.


Photo by Heather Boychuk

Discovering Parks with New Canadians

Alberta’s parks and protected areas inspire us with nature’s beauty and are places to spend time with family and friends, learn about nature and enjoy heathy outdoor activities.  To introduce newcomers to Canada the natural areas in and around Calgary, CPAWS Southern Alberta added a new program: Discover Parks! See what participants are learning about the local parks! Read More.


Anastasia Goncharova: summer outreach coordinator for CPAWS

Since May, Anastasia Goncharova attended 25 plus events as a representative of CPAWS, with some events lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Her favourite part of the job has been meeting like-minded people who are interested in protected Alberta’s parks and wilderness areas. Read More.


The Alberta Conservation Association supports CPAWS environmental education’s Kids for Conservation project: Getting Youth Outside to Experience Alberta’s Wilderness. Thanks to their sponsorship, we will be able to take approximately 2500 students out on interpretive hikes this year.


Drawing by Kali Toohey, 12 year old from Calgary
Kali completed this art piece for a science class project. Each student conducted a research project on an Alberta park and looked at the ecosystem of our parks, animal and plant life, migration routes and populations. They were asked to imagine how the ecosystem would be affected if the population doubled and then they had to think of a creative and easy way to present the information. Kali certainly found a creative way to present her information.


Join CPAWS at the Glenbow Ranch!

Grizzly Bears Forever
Find out more about this truly fascinating creature! Learn how it’s different from a black bear, how such a huge animal feeds itself, the best way to avoid confrontations with bears and so much more!

August 10, 6 – 7:30 pm

In the Know About the Bow
What could be more essential to us than water? Find out how we are connected to the Bow River, what we put in our water and see how you can help look after this precious liquid source of life.

August 21, 10 – 11:30 am


Green Notes now online

The summer edition of CPAWS Southern Alberta’s newsletter (Green Notes) is now available in print and online! Our CPAWS members who donated $20 or more this year should have received a copy in the mail by mid-July. If you donated $20 or more this past year and you did not receive a copy, please contact us at 

New Video

We are pleased to announce the release of our summer video with CPAWS hiking guide Julie Walker and food columnist Julie Van Rosendaal (@dinnerwithJulie). Check out the fun day they had exploring nature and identifying (and tasting) wild edible plants in the Sibbald Flats area of Southern Alberta.