Guiding Principles

CPAWS speaks on behalf of wild landscapes and the wildlife that live there. We do this by helping others understand natural systems, including those factors which pose threats. We believe that a well-informed citizenry is essential to the consideration of environmental issues. Accordingly, we seek to educate, to inform, and to provide a vehicle by which citizens can express their environmental concerns. In doing so we apply the following principles:

Guiding principles for our organization are:

• We believe nature, wilderness and wild places have intrinsic value unto themselves.

• We base our decisions and opinions on science-based research and citizen involvement, guided

by the precautionary principle.

• We believe that healthy ecosystems have a significant positive impact on human health.

• We believe that healthy, functioning and diverse ecosystems are more resilient to climate

change and thus more opportunity for nearby human communities to adapt as well.

• We believe that people are an integral part of the ecosystem and we encourage and empower

people through education and awareness to share in the responsibility of stewardship of the


• We promote collaboration and cooperation with industry, governments, Aboriginal peoples,

private citizens, educators and other stakeholders for conserving and managing the wise use of

the landscape for our children and great-grandchildren.

• We respect other perspectives and interests.

• We believe that an informed and engaged citizenry is important to public debate and solving

environmental and wilderness issues.

• We are politically non-partisan. We support principles and policies, not individuals or parties.

• We proactively develop solutions based in our approach to conservation.

• Our direct success is measured by engagement with Albertans, on-the-ground protection and

management and stewardship of parks and wilderness areas.