Alberta’s Land-Use Framework (LUF)

Alberta’s Land-use Framework (LUF) and it’s supporting legislation, the Alberta Land and Stewardship Act (ALSA) is a new approach for managing private and public lands in Alberta to achieve long-term economic, environmental and social outcomes. LUF sets out guiding principles and identifies key strategies which will guide future land-use management in Alberta.
In 2008 the Government of Alberta released the Land-use Framework with the goal of sustaining our economy but balancing this with Albertans' social and environmental goals. The LUF establishes seven new land-use regions and calls for the development of a regional plan for each.

Alberta's Land-use Framework (LUF) Regions

The Land-use Framework indicates that: “We have reached a tipping point, where sticking with the old rules will not produce the quality of life we have come to expect. If we want our children to enjoy the same quality of life that current generations have, we need a new plan.” (Government of Alberta Land-use Framework, 2008).

CPAWS SAB is excited at the potential for the LUF and ALSA to address many of the pressing issues and cumulative effects arising from existing land and resource management practices. While we welcome change that will increase the sustainability of land-use practices, we have concerns about how the high level concepts contained in the LUF (e.g., cumulative effects management, environmental sustainability, etc.) will be applied on-the-ground to make a difference to our wilderness and ecosystem management.

To date the Government of Alberta has completed two regional plans: the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan (LARP) and the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP).  The consultation process for the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan started in June 2014.

We welcome the opportunity to work with the Government of Alberta and our many partners to ensure landscape land-use planning that reflects the full spectrum of economic, environmental and social values held by Albertans.

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