Managing Alberta’s Land

We have varied needs for the land in Alberta. It can be tricky to find the right balance to ensure our environmental, economic and cultural well-being. However, with proper land-use planning, we can make necessary trade-offs and still protect our ecological and cultural heritage. CPAWS is working to conserve southern Alberta’s wilderness areas, ecosystems and communities. To do so, we are working to have environmentally responsible land use planning policies implemented. See some of our recent work!

Current issues

Recreation and Wilderness in Alberta
Alberta is home to some of the world’s best landscape for recreation. The demand for outdoor recreation is growing as the population grows. However, we can literally love our parks and wilderness areas to death if we don’t have a sustainable plan for the future.
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North Saskatchewan Regional Plan
The North Saskatchewan Region contains a diverse landscape encompassing Rocky Mountain, rolling foothill and prairie parkland ecosystems. The North Saskatchewan Region includes headwaters forests that provide clean water to downstream communities, mountains foothills and parkland that support a diversity of habitats that provide homes for species at risk and serves as a major source of recreation and tourism.
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Ecosystem-based Forest Planning and Management on Alberta’s Southern Eastern Slopes
The forests of the southern Eastern Slopes are vital to the Albertans health and quality of life. These lands offer more than gorgeous vistas – the Southern Eastern Slopes house the headwaters of clean-flowing rivers, support a diverse community of large mammals such as grizzly bears, cougars, elk, mountain goats and bighorn sheep, native fish, including bull trout and westslope cutthroat trout, numerous birds and a high diversity of insects. They also provide a wide range of recreational opportunities for families and intrepid adventurers.
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The South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP)
From the native prairie to the jagged peaks of Kananaskis and the Castle Special Place, southern Alberta is a treasured land for the people of the province and all of Canada. The South Saskatchewan River Basin region contains a diversity of ecosystems including grasslands, foothills and mountain that support our way of life in Alberta. The region is globally important for people, water, wildlife and wilderness.
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Alberta’s Land-Use Framework (LUF)
Alberta’s Land-use Framework (LUF) and it’s supporting legislation, the Alberta Land and Stewardship Act (ALSA) is a new approach for managing private and public lands in Alberta to achieve long-term economic, environmental and social outcomes. LUF sets out guiding principles and identifies key strategies which will guide future land-use management in Alberta.
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