CPAWS SAB Capture the Wild Photo Contest 2014

  • Date: March 02 2014
  • Location: Online
  • The winners of our 2014 Photo Contest have been announced, follow this link to see the winning photos:

    CPAWS Southern Alberta is proud to announce our annual Capture the Wild Photography Contest  with generous sponsorship from The Camera Store, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Framed on Fifth, and Resolve Photo. This contest is designed to raise awareness and funds in support of CPAWS’ Southern Alberta Chapter and the conservation and protection of Alberta’s wild places. CPAWS invites photographers of all ages to capture the beauty of our Canadian wildlife, landscapes, and people.

    How to Enter
    Applicants can ENTER ONLINE on the Photo Scramble website - here are some easy instructions on how to upload your photo(s).  There is a $12 entry fee per photo for the following categories: Wild Faces, Wild Places, Nature Up Close, and People in Nature.  There is a $6 entry fee per photo for our NEW Youth Category - Nature in Canada (open for photographers aged 17 or under).

    The following five categories celebrate the wild places, animals, and people of our region. Applicants can submit into any or all categories, and as many submissions as they like. We are excited to see your artistic expressions of nature!

    1. Wild Faces
    There are so many incredible wild animals in our country from caribou, to grizzly bears, to the elusive wolverine. Whether you are a dedicated wildlife photographer, or happen to be in the right place at the right time, this category is all about images of wild animals. Don’t forget about smaller animals such as birds and pine martens too!

    2. Wild Places
    Isn’t it amazing to live in a place where we can still experience wild beauty that is untouched? This category is all about capturing the beauty and majesty of the incredible landscapes in our province. From mountain lakes to grasslands, any type of landscape is up for grabs in this category!

    3. Nature up Close
    Photography has allowed us to capture images up close and with incredible detail. Our “Nature up close” category captures objects, flora, fauna, or micro-environments from a macro perspective. An image could show the intrinsic details of the veins spreading across a leaf or an insect close up. Any “up close” encounter with nature is welcome!

    4. People in Nature
    How do you connect with nature? Maybe you canoe, take nature walks, paint outside, or go running. This category focuses on people experiencing nature in a gentle way.

    5. Youth Category - Nature in Canada
    Are you a young person (aged 17 or under) who loves taking photos of nature? Then this category is for you! Submit your best photos of Canadian animals, mountains, lakes, trees, or people in nature - the possibilities are endless! 

    All winners will receive a framed print of their winning photo!  Each winner will recieve a prize package with prizes from The Camera Store, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Framed on Fifth and CPAWS Southern Alberta Chapter.  One overall grand prize winner will also be chosen from all of the photos in all five categories.

    Prizes will be awarded at our "Nature Needs Half" Wild Soiree on Friday, March 14th at Hotel Arts.  More information here:

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