Caprice Niebuhr’s Story: what Albertans are doing for outdoor recreation and why it’s important

CPAWS commissioned the first-ever survey to understand what Albertans are doing for outdoor recreation and what their values are for wilderness areas, public lands and recreation. Why is this important? These findings can help to inform the future of land-use planning for recreation and wilderness protection in Alberta. 

This is the story of what Calgarian Caprice Niebuhr values about recreation and wilderness in Alberta. 

Caprice Niebuhr's Story

Where: Kananaskis, Lake Louise

What: Hiking, Camping 

I enjoy the outdoors with my husband. Often, I like to plan hikes that include friends or family. One of my favorite hikes is in Kananaskis country. I often camp at Bolton Creek, then make an afternoon hike up to Rawson lake. When you get to the top of the trail, it is a breathtaking view of a lake surrounded by mountain peaks on three sides.

A close second in enjoyment is the hike to the Tea House at Lake Agnus above Lake Louise.  I mean, how enjoyable is it to stop for a tea in the mountains?  On our first visit there, my husband struck up a conversation with a tourist couple from Belgium.  During a pleasant conversation they invited us to join them on their hike to the other tea house.  We agreed, and during that afternoon we became fast friends.  Thanks to email, we have international friends to this day.

Learn more about the first survey to measure Albertans outdoor recreation activities and their values toward wilderness, and see what you can do to protect our wilderness.