Jenel Bode’s Story: what Albertans are doing for outdoor recreation and why it’s important

CPAWS Alberta chapters commissioned the first survey to understand what Albertans are doing for outdoor recreation and what they value about the wilderness, public lands and recreation. We found that the majority of Albertans love recreating outdoors and they love their wild spaces. These findings are important because they can help inform land-use plans for the future of recreation and wilderness protection in Alberta.

This is Jenel Bode's story. See what she values about wilderness and recreation in Alberta.

Jenel Bode's Story

Where she likes to recreate: A place that you can feel the elements, smell the freshness, listen to the branches, leaves, water or birds do their thing, and where the eyes witness the artistic creation that no painting or photographer can capture.

What she likes to do: Multi-day hiking trips, back country camping, rock climbing, mountain biking, alpine ski-touring, snowboarding, pond hockey---anything outdoors I am game!

Nature has the power to energize me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  It really is a drug, a drug from which we all would benefit if more people took time to take it in! Being in the outdoors and being able to enjoy the outdoors is such a privilege we, as Canadians, are so very fortunate have.

From the tops of mountains, to the valleys and prairies below, from the rushing waterfalls and powerful rivers to the trickle of a stream, from the scurry of ground squirrels to the awe of a grizzly bear or moose that you happen to cross paths with; nature has so much to offer.

It is not only what we do in nature for entertainment or adrenaline rushes; like rock climbing, mountain biking, ski-touring it's the moments that take your breath away when you are at a stand-still, in complete silence, and embraced by simplistic beauty if you take the time to absorb it.  Sharing outdoor adventures with friends and experiencing type I, II, and at times type III what will bring me joy when my joints have had enough, and my legs won't work, it will be these memories in nature that will make me smile and feel energized once again!

Albertans are into the outdoors and want more wilderness protected. Learn more about this important SURVEY