More People Means the Need for More Parks, Planning, and More Stewardship

  • Published on Jul 27 2017 |
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Love your parks

With celebrating Canada’s 150th and free entry to our national parks, Banff is bursting at the seams. On any given day this summer, you will find wall-to-wall cars heading on the highway to the mountains, and our national and provincial protected areas inundated with people experiencing Alberta’s amazing wilderness. From our recent Alberta-wide poll, we know that 76% of all Albertans are getting out and recreating on the landscape. However, more people emphasizes the need for planning and ensuring that we are putting the natural values of our protected places as the top priority in their management so as to ensure their long term wellbeing. It also highlights the importance of education to understand why these areas are special, what we need to do to reduce our impact, and ensure each one of us does our part to steward them. Finally, our recent CPAWS report on where Canada ranks on protected areas internationally, showcases a need to achieve international targets for protection of 17% and beyond. The Alberta government is on board and leading the charge on these efforts.

Supporting more protected areas in Alberta means there are more areas for us to enjoy and steward, and perhaps a little less congestion on the trails. Please support efforts to increase Alberta’s protected areas networks, like the Bighorn, and be responsible stewards of our amazing wilderness this summer.

Yours in conservation,