Nature in Alberta is a breath of fresh air for Myra Paul

  • Published on Sep 20 2016 |
  • This article is tagged as: volunteering

What Myra Paul appreciates most about Canada is fresh air and green space - advantages that may be ordinary for those who never venture beyond Canada’s borders – not so ordinary if you move here from Karachi, Pakistan, the seventh largest and most populous urban city in the world.

Myra was amazed at how green Canada is, and the quietness left her feeling somewhat disoriented as it was so different from her day-to-day life in Karachi. The beauty of the parks and wilderness in Canada is not something she wants anyone to take for granted, inspiring her to volunteer for the Southern Chapter of CPAWS (CPAWS SAB).

With more than five years of experience organizing events and finding sponsors, Myra was the perfect match for the Sponsorship Coordinator role with CPAWS SAB.  This volunteer position enables her to protect the natural world that she has come to value deeply and give back to the community in a creative way.

Though she did not grow up hiking in nature, and she prefers a nice hotel to a tent, it does not mean she values the wilderness any less. She spends her time taking nature photographs – her favourite subject is the Cascade Mountain near Banff. Myra firmly believes Albertans are very fortunate to have this beautiful land, and they must do what they can to protect it now rather than restore it later.

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