Winter Ecosystems

Learn the secrets and stories of our snow-covered landscapes with this immersive outdoor program.

This immersive experience allow students to discover the natural and cultural stories of Alberta’s winters. Students will experience a winter landscape while learning from our professional guides through play and storytelling. This unique opportunity to study Alberta’s ecosystems and biodiversity through a winter lens is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many students and educators. Fight the winter blues, bring curriculum to life, and inspire a love of the frosty outdoors with a CPAWS winter walk today.

Our professional guides will lead you through games, stories, and more, to uncover the hidden world in the snow. 

What teachers & students are saying

  • “The best part of the program was the Nature and wilderness and learning about animals and what they do in the winter.”

    -Grade 4 snowshoe participant, Nose Creek Elementary, Airdrie
  • "I enjoyed seeing students out in nature engaging in an activity [snowshoeing] they may not have the opportunity to do frequently or at all in some cases. I enjoyed seeing students rise to the challenge as they navigated the hike and terrain."

    -Grade 4-6 teacher, Killarney School, Calgary
  • “The snowshoe program is engaging to students physically and through its environmental education. I love how students learn about the local habitats, consider their impact on the environment and are encouraged to think about individual and group management and how they might respond as a concerned citizen. All activities are carefully planned to be fun and educational at the same time. There is appropriate rest and games are used to engage students prior to any disconnection.”

    -Teacher, Sir John A. Macdonald School, Calgary

Which grade levels is this experience for? 

  • All Grades.
  • Winter Walks can be booked online through our booking tool.
  • Snowshoe treks are by request only. We recommend Grades 4 and up for snowshoeing.

Which modalities are available for this experience? 


Dive into winter with a winter ecosystem walk! You can choose between the following locations for this experience: Fish Creek, Ole Buck, or Brown Lowery.


Dive into winter with a snowshoe experience at Penstock in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. 3.5-4 hours at Penstock are needed to take advantage of this winter adventure. CPAWS does not provide snowshoes.

By request only. Please email


*Please note down your planned location for a snowshoe as you will be asked to fill this information out during time of booking.


Core Competencies

  • Cultural and Global Citizenship
  • Collaboration
  • Problem Solving

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