Bring Nature Home

Photo Credit: Christopher Landry

A unique environmental education toolkit

Are you looking for creative educational resources to engage learners of all ages about the wonders of nature? Well then, we've got you covered.

Bring Nature Home is an educational toolkit that will help youth and adults of all ages engage in environmental education in the comfort of their own home.

This toolkit includes some of CPAWS Southern Alberta’s very own tried and tested games and activities for K-12 students and adults, as well as other online resources to support learning. Topics include water, species at risk, ecosystems, climate change, and many more.

Bring Nature Home also provides resources for teachers who are looking for ways to incorporate environmental themes into their students’ learning plan. CPAWS Southern Alberta strives to incorporate resources and activities that align with the Alberta education curriculum.

For Parents & Students

Games, worksheets, and activities that your family can do from home or outside.

For Teachers

Lesson plans, activities, and games to help make environmental education fun in the classroom!

Become a Climate Game Changer!

We’re excited to share our Climate Game Changers toolkit that’s specially designed to support at home learning for youth and adults on climate change and climate solutions!

This interactive toolkit lets you create your own path towards climate education.

*Please note this resource is best viewed on a computer or tablet.


What makes this resource special? 

  • "The resource is interactive, giving students, parents, and educators clear information in a variety of ways. The information is spread out in student-friendly language giving students the opportunity to explore their climate impact. Integrating school, home, and community through these online resources can communicate to families how to have open communication about environmental issues."

    - Meghan Tran, Grade 5 Teacher, Colonel J. Fred Scot


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