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Sharing our love of Alberta parks, wilderness and conservation

CPAWS Southern Alberta’s award-winning nature education experiences will empower you as an outdoor ambassador, and support you as you inspire your community members, clients, coworkers, and the next generation of environmental stewards.

With over 25 years of nature education, and over 50 years of experience in local conservation, our programs come built in with scientists and conservation experts and connects to Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing. Our mission is to provide environmental education that is hands-on, engaging, and fun, so that everyone can experience the joy of developing a positive relationship with nature.

There are so many ways to get learning with CPAWS! Whether you're booking an indoor visit, an outdoor experience, or a combination of both. Book today by clicking the button below or keep reading to learn more about our programs and the different themes offered.

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Why Grasslands?

Alberta’s grasslands provide us with so many gifts. Yet less than 2% of this amazing natural region is protected. Learn how you can help your students discover this unique ecosystem.

Watershed Ed

Water connects us all to the landscapes we live in. Connect to your local watersheds through collaborative and inspirational activities.

Explore Parks

This experience is all about connecting people to parks through place-based resources, stories and nature exploration. Join us today to deepen your connection to Alberta’s parks.

Climate Game Changers

Climate change can be a complex idea to understand. This experience breaks it down by giving you a hands-on interactive demonstration of how climate change works, and most importantly, what we can do to reduce...

Climate Game Changers

You will take home practical suggestions that you can easily incorporate into your everyday classroom to start a discussion on climate change, and learn about the tools available to undertake a climate action project with...

Grizzly Bears Forever

Let’s share some bear stories! Through open discussions, interactive activities and real-life stories, let’s celebrate and learn about Alberta’s grizzly bears together.

Wild Wellness

Connecting with nature as a healthy part of life. Learn how you can get your daily dose of Vitamin “N” through Wild Wellness.

Grizzly Bears Forever

Feeling amped to inspire the next generation of Griz Guardians in your very own classroom? Grizzly bears hold the key to the widespread sustainability of our wild places. So, take a walk on the wild...

What participants are saying

  • “Thanks to CPAWS, IC Centre, and BVC Green for giving us the opportunity to know more about climate change and learn how we can contribute to sustainable living”

    – Bow Valley College new Canadian student
  • “That was amazing. The presenter explained very well. That was clear and understandable.”

    – Immigrant Services Calgary client
  • “The best part of the program was new information. The interest it created among the group. Very interesting, entertaining and to the point. Communication was created which is a positive step”

    – Calgary community member
  • “The best part of the program was the games to make us understand. It was really well put together”

    – Calgary community member

Professional Development

Educators and Youth Service Providers

You will develop your skills for engaging youth in nature learning and connecting it to curriculum in a fun way. Or you can book a program with CPAWS to simply just get outside and connect with nature with your team. Get your group excited about nature and empower them to engage in environmental stewardship!

Customized experiences

Corporate Groups, Community & Non-profit groups

Find wellness in the wild, empower yourself with climate change knowledge, or discover the fascinating history of Alberta’s parks! You will get specially designed programs to suit your group’s interests, goals, time, and accessibility needs.

English Language Learners

New Canadian Groups

You will get programs focused on building nature language, sharing knowledge, and developing a sense of place in a new country. Learn about grizzly bears and the Bow River or get outside for a guided walk!

Community learning

Other community groups 

Libraries, eco-clubs, families, and everything more! If you're interested in nature education, then we've got programs for you! 

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