Sustainable Forest Management

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Healthy forests build the foundation for a healthy ecosystem

Alberta’s forests give us so much. From the Red Deer River along the Rocky Mountain Front to the Canadian border with Montana, the forests of the southern Eastern Slopes offer more than just gorgeous vistas.

a world of benefits

How Forests Help Us

From mitigating climate change impacts to providing us with endless recreation opportunities, Alberta's forests give us so much. Keep learning more about forests to learn about how you can give back to forests. 

Help mitigate climate change and create resilient ecosystems and communities

Support biodiversity

Maintain healthy watersheds

Connect wildlife

Provide recreation activities

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Protect Diverse Forests

Want to become an advocate for Alberta’s forests? Head over to Forest Stewards to learn more and join the fight for sustainable management of Alberta’s forests.


A lost opportunity for Albertans.

The Alberta Forest Act dates back to the 1960s. This means that our province’s forest legislation is not adequately informed by the last 50+ years of advancements in our understanding of climate change, species-at-risk, forest ecosystems, ecological integrity, or community impacts.

Forests for everyone

In Alberta today, much of our public forests continue to be managed through 20-year Forest Management Agreements (FMAs) issued by the government to private companies, with little to no room for public participation. Agreements like these give private companies a lot of control over public resources, while further removing Albertans from decision-making processes regarding public lands and forests.

Let’s bring Alberta forestry into the 21st century

Alberta's forests are a huge part of our identity and responsibility. With increased concerns over water and air quality in the face of climate change, now is the time to make a change. Establishing updated, sustainable forest legislation is a critical step in conserving and maintaining healthy forest ecosystems in Alberta for generations to come.


Our Work

CPAWS Southern Alberta believes strongly that Albertans should have a voice in forest management. The future of these essential resources and ecosystems should not be determined by private companies. These forests are integral to our future here and we are committed to empowering communities to be actively engaged in their management.

CPAWS Southern Alberta is working with communities and stakeholders to advocate for an ecosystem-based forest management plan for the Southern Eastern Slopes. This updated management approach incorporates both the social and ecological objectives of the region — such as clean water, biodiversity, connectivity, and local economic opportunity — for a sustainable approach to forest use.

We encourage all Albertans to demand a better future for forests in their region. Support changes to forest policy that prioritize ecosystem values over timber values, and that preserve the structure, function and composition of the natural system.

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