National Parks

Photo Credit: Rebecca Schortinguis

Let’s protect what makes Canada special.

In southern Alberta, we are lucky enough to find some of the country’s most spectacular national parks in our own backyards. From Banff to Waterton, these national parks are the pride of Canada and draw in visitors from all over the world.

an INVALUABLE landscape

National Parks Do So Much!

There are endless benefits that national parks provide us. From climate change mitigation to a world of recreation opportunities, national parks do so much for us! Keep reading to learn more about Alberta's national parks and how you can give back to them.

Create safe habitat for plants and animals to thrive

Act as a nature-based solution to climate change and support resilient communities

Provide clean drinking water

Contain intact native habitat to maintain ecological integrity

They are places for creating unforgettable memories & going on epic adventures

Sharing your love of nature with friends and family

We can’t risk losing all these benefits that national parks provide.

In Alberta’s Rocky Mountain National Parks, commercial developments, high levels of visitor traffic, and human-wildlife conflict are threatening the ecological integrity of these parks. CPAWS Southern Alberta is working to promote effective management of national parks to ensure that their long-term environmental, and social benefits are maintained. We’re doing this by providing recommendations on park management to ensure ecological integrity is the priority. Keep reading to learn more about our work and some of our wins.

How CPAWS Southern Alberta is supporting national parks.

Some of the ways that we have supported National Parks protection and management in the past include:

Taking action works!

Whether you’re supporting an organization such as CPAWS, or directly participating in Parks Canada consultations, taking action helps to create change! With your support, CPAWS has been able to see some great wins in the past benefiting National Parks. This includes:

2013: Prioritized water quality by pressuring Parks Cananda to adhere to water quality standards in Sunshine Village’s proposed Goat’s Eye Mountain Day Lodge development.

2014: Protected caribou and maintained the wild character of Maligne Lake by defeating the Maligne Lake Hotel proposal in Jasper National Park

2020: Prioritized nature and ecological integrity in Banff National Park by urging Parks Canada to reject the proposal to build a gondola to the summit of Mt. Norquay in Banff National Park

Your support can help us see even more wins for national parks! Consider giving to CPAWS Southern Alberta to help us continue our work to protect national parks.


A huge win 

CPAWS supported the bison re-introduction in Banff National Park

Bison re-introduction supports the ecological restoration of Banff National Park through restoration and maintenance of native species and natural processes. Wild plains bison are the top herbivore and the “landscaper” of the Great Plains.

Buffalo/bison as a keystone species in the ecology of the northern plains and their presence in the ecosystem supports an unimaginable amount of other wildlife. Bison are also important to Indigenous people. Reintroduction of plains bison is an important action in recovery of the species and supports the goals of reconciliation and restoring ecological integrity of the park.

Learn more about the bison re-introduction in Banff.