Southern Alberta has many breathtaking wilderness areas. Parks and protected areas are a vital part of conserving these natural areas and the biodiversity they support. We need parks now more than ever. Establishing a network of connected reserves is necessary to maintain ecosystem services essential both for human health and species conservation.

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Provincial Protected Areas
In Southern Alberta we are blessed by our amazing natural areas. Our way of life depends on clean water, our open rangelands and being surrounded by spectacular parks and wilderness. These natural assets support our way of life and our ways of making a living. However, Alberta is growing and changing rapidly. To protect our way of life and our prosperity, we need to plan ahead and protect our most significant places.
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Stand Up for Jasper
National Parks
Southern Alberta is home to some of the most spectacular national parks in the world. From Banff to Waterton Lakes, our parks and wilderness are the pride of Canada. Join us to help keep them healthy, rich and beautiful for today and tomorrow.
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