Conserving Alberta’s Grasslands: A Win for People and the Planet

Conservation discussions have long focused on only advocating for the protection of ecosystems from degradation. This video project uses art and storytelling to educate viewers on the connections between the loss of grasslands and social injustices, as well as, the importance of frontline communities leading grassland conservation efforts.

In this captivating short film, you will learn why grasslands are being lost, its impact on native species and the role this landscape plays in climate mitigation. It features Ninna Piiksii, Dr. Mike Bruised Head, a Blackfoot Elder from the Kainai Nation. He discusses the cultural and ecological significance of the bison (the Iinniii in Blackfoot) to the land and the rematriation efforts taking place on the Kainai Nation.

Watch this mini documentary to learn about the importance of conserving Alberta’s native grasslands for people and the planet! 

Visit these resources to learn more on grassland conservation and bison rematriation projects:

About Hadeel

Hadeel Abbas is a fourth-year Environmental Science undergraduate student at the University of Calgary. She is passionate about environmental and climate justice issues which has led her to volunteer with local and global advocacy organizations. During her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking and cycling, and (of course) painting!