CPAWS Southern Alberta EVENTS

“Dried Up: What Now?”

A Documentary Film Screening and Discussion

Drought and water conservation are top of mind for many right now — and understandably so, given the severe conditions facing communities, Indigenous Peoples, farmers, ranchers, and Albertans across our province.

We are also, of course, facing the threat of further industrial resource extraction and the associated pressure that puts on our water in the form of coal exploration and development at Grassy Mountain.

As such, we are pleased to present two screenings of “Dried Up: What Now?” a community-produced documentary by Yvan Lebel and Kevin Van Tighem commissioned by Livingstone Landowners Group on our worsening water crisis and the critical importance of protecting our mountain headwaters.


Please note that ticket pricing is tiered to accommodate different income levels, and the tiers do not reflect different seating types. Purchase according to your comfort level, and always feel free to reach out to if cost is a barrier.

April 3, 2024 | Calgary, Alberta
cSPACE Marda Loop | 1721 29 Ave SW, Calgary

5:30PM | Doors open, reception
6:30PM | Film screening
7:00PM | Question and answer period

Speakers include:

  • Kevin Van Tighem, conservation advocate and author of Heart Waters/Sources of the Bow and Wild Roses Are Worth It
  • Bill Trafford, Livingstone Landowners Group Vice President and member of the Coal Consultation Committee
  • Katie Morrison, CPAWS Southern Alberta Executive Director


April 11, 2024 | Canmore, Alberta
Canmore Brewing Company | 1460 Railway Ave, Canmore

7:00PM | Film screening
7:30PM | Question and answer period

Speakers include:

  • Yvan Lebel, filmmaker
  • Katie Morrison, CPAWS Southern Alberta Executive Director

Photo Credit: Bill Costa