Climate Game Changers

Climate Literacy in our Changing World!

Climate change can be a tricky topic to talk about in the classroom. But it doesn’t have to be! Learn how you can empower your students to have an open and honest discussion about climate change and their futures, and most importantly, how to take control of their futures through simple, everyday climate action.

This teacher professional development session will help you address curriculum connections and student core competencies through climate education and teach you how to gamify an overarching and abstract concept such as climate change.
Finally, we will guide you through a decision-making planning session to find a climate action project your students will want to take part in, while learning how to break down financial, administrative, and capacity barriers that you may face as a teacher.


You will take home practical suggestions that you can easily incorporate into your everyday classroom to start a discussion on climate change, and learn about the tools available to undertake a climate action project with your students.

What teachers are saying

  • “There were great hands-on activity ideas to get students moving while thinking about climate change. There were also many practical suggestions like having student centered discussions and incorporating 10-15 minutes a day on climate education as an easy way to integrate climate change into the classroom. I really enjoyed participating in the action planning activity. It incorporated topics relevant and important to facilitating decision making in the classroom through student input. I can see this activity being successful in my classroom as it can give students a voice on what matters in their lives and communities.”

    – Meghan Tran, Grade 5/6 Teacher, Colonel J Fred Scott School
  • “The connection of what we are already learning about in our class and expanding on those ideas. Motivating and inspiring the kids to make a difference for their environment.”

    - Grade 2 teacher, New Brighton School

Which modalities are available for this experience? 


We will visit you in your classroom or community space for 2 x 1 hour visits. Hands-on activities, visuals, and FUN await!


A 1 hour online extravaganza! With interaction, discussion, and activities, we'll make sure to bring all the online fun!

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