Community Science

Connecting to curriculum and protecting nature through technology.

Are you interested in captivating students with environmental action while connecting to curriculum? Then join CPAWS and Green Calgary in this cross-curricular workshop, designed to help you overcome common barriers, explore citizen science-based learning, and conduct a field study in your schoolyard.

In this session, you will find specific curriculum connections, learn how to use citizen science applications, gain new resources, and learn activities to support environmental action in the classroom and schoolyard. You will leave feeling confident in how to help your students see real-life solutions to current environmental issues.


Build the confidence and competence in using technology to connect your students to nature, science, and civic action!

What other teachers are saying

  • “Everything! Helping students realize that they can make a difference in their environment - Project Based Education!!!”

    - Teacher at Calgary City Teachers’ Convention
  • “This was a fun and engaging session. Picked up a lot of ideas and locations for new resources. I will hopefully get to book through them as well!”

    - Teacher at Palliser District Teachers’ Convention
  • “Very practical and hands on workshop to make nature come alive for students. Huge awareness of some great resources.”

    - Teacher at Calgary City Teachers’ Convention

Which modalities are available for this experience? 


We will visit you in your classroom or community space for 2 x 1 hour visits. Hands-on activities, visuals, and FUN await!


A 1 hour online extravaganza! With interaction, discussion, and activities, we'll make sure to bring all the online fun!


We will meet you in your schoolyard or green space and show you how to make most of these invaluable pockets of nature!


We will meet you in your local community and show you how you can make the most of the green spaces right at your doorstep!


*Please note down your planned located for a hike/community walk as you will be asked to fill this information out during time of booking.