CPAWS Southern Alberta EVENTS

Indigenous-led Nature Walks — Spring 2024

Our Indigenous-led Nature Walks in Mohkinstsis (Calgary) return for the spring! We are currently offering the following date and location:

Nose Hill Park, Mohkinstsis (Calgary)

Thursday, June 20 | 6PM (Summer Solstice) — With Matóómikamo’saakii (First Steals Woman)

General Walk Information

The walks will be led by a certified hiking guide who aims to ensure the comfort and experience of all participants by mitigating the environmental hazards and offering first aid assistance if necessary.  

Youth under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian. 

Dogs and other pets are not allowed on this walk, in respect of the guest speakers and the other participants. 

If ticket price is a barrier, please email Prices reflect the full cost of operating these walks, including fairly compensating Indigenous Knowledge Keepers and Elders; however, all are welcome. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you would like to attend, but are not currently in a position to pay for a ticket.

We will except cancellations if needed. A 15% non-refundable admin fee will apply.

Location Description – Beginning from Winter Club Parking Lot 

The 0.5 km, uneven, loose-rock trail leading from the parking lot behind the Calgary Winter Club (4611-14 Street NW, Calgary) to our grasslands classroom is a steep, constant climb requiring an intermediate level of fitness and sturdy, closed-toe footwear.  

Beginning with a 97-step, landscaped staircase, participants will experience 80% of the trail’s total 42m elevation gain in the first 300m. Strollers are not recommended. Surrounded by views in all directions, participants will be completely exposed to the sun, precipitation and/or wind of the open prairie for the duration of the walk; and are advised to consult local weather forecasts, pack plenty of water and dress accordingly. Seasonal washrooms are only available at the trailhead parking lot.  

Matóómikamo’saakii (First Steals Woman) – Latasha Calf Robe

Matóómikamo’saakii ‘First Steals Woman’ (Latasha Calf Robe) is a proud member of the Kainaiwa First Nation (Blood Tribe) and the founder of the Niitsítapi Water Protectors. Latasha has spent the last few years organizing community action against open-pit mining in the Oldman Watershed and can currently be found working Mount Royal University supporting student leadership development, reconciliation and change-making initiatives. She firmly believes in the importance of Nitsitapiisinni (Blackfoot way of life) and the reintroduction of Niitsitapi land stewardship practices.