Laval St. Germain Shares Adventure Stories at Keeping it Wild Soiree

Calgary-based adventurer and acclaimed public speaker Laval St. Germain is so passionate about nature that he’s trekked to the most extreme and far-reaching areas of the Earth to experience it to full effect.

He’s climbed the highest peak on six of the Earth’s seven continents, including Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen, and he’s rowed alone across the North Atlantic Ocean in the fastest time ever.

You can see Laval in person at the Keeping it Wild Soiree—a special event that brings together a diverse panel of people who will explore the importance of nature and wilderness from their own unique perspectives. In addition to sharing his captivating stories and pictures through a slide show presentation, Laval will also join our engaging panel, along with Indigenous leader Leroy Little Bear, poet Lorna Crozier and David Gray as MC.