Let the Government of Alberta Know You Want an Investment in Protected Areas

In 2010 Canada committed to protecting at least 17% of land and 10% of marine areas by 2020. Alberta can help reach this goal by ensuring our province increases our protected areas from the current 12.5%. This goal is completely achievable! The creation of the Bighorn Provincial and Wildland Provincial Parks, and the Northern Caribou Wildlands alone would bring us up to 17%.

We can do this, but will need the provincial government to plan for this and invest in Alberta’s protected areas. You can help by letting the Government of Alberta know that needs to be a priority in the 2018 budget.

We have until February 9th to let our voices be heard by participating in the 2018 Budget consultation surveyTell the Government of Alberta that you want the 2018 budget to include an investment in conservation.

Albertans believe that protected spaces are valuable, both for the recreational opportunities they offer and the important ecological protections they provide.

  • 88% of Albertans want the government to protect more wilderness.
  • 94% of Albertans consider natural protections for plant and animal species to be a vital function of wilderness areas.

We also need protected areas included in the 2018 budget for economic reasons. Expanding the network of protected areas in Alberta is an important step in diversifying our provincial economy. Protected areas offer many economic gains:

  • Every dollar invested in provincial, territorial, and national parks in Canada generates a 6 dollar return to the national GDP.
  • Parks support 64,000 jobs across the country.
  • Parks generate 2.9 billion dollars in labour income nationally.
  • The net economic impact of tourism to the Rocky Mountain region alone was 1.48 billion in a single year.

Protected areas are also important, as they purify our air and water, capture and store carbon, and help to regulate our climate.

An investment in protected areas will help Canada reach their goal of protecting 17% by 2020.

There is a limited time to make your voice heard, send your comments now! Please share this message with your family, friends, and peers.

Thank you,
CPAWS Southern Alberta