Ahmed Mahmoud

Many residents of Alberta choose to spend their leisurely time in the Rocky mountains and surrounding foothills. This video was created to inspire people to visit the fragile grasslands ecosystem of the Red Deer River. 

During a time where international travel was off the menu, Albertans turned to mountain communities for some outdoor grandeur, leading to more traffic for the mountain cities of Canmore, Banff and Jasper. Many people realized that these areas are easily accessible and make perfect destinations for a day trip. 

This video speaks on the subject of how busy these areas are. People who are looking for more secluded and quiet areas should consider the Grasslands as their next destination! 

In order to avoid sitting in traffic, walking through massive crowds and paying for parking – This video hopes to convince people that there is more to see in Alberta. Hopefully next time you decide to go for a day trip you consider heading east.

About Ahmed

Ahmed Mahmoud is a passionate environmentalist and outdoor enthusiast based in Calgary, Alberta Canada. He is a participant in the Canadian Wilderness Stewardship Program, organized by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS), which focuses on promoting responsible stewardship of Canada’s natural spaces. 

Ahmed’s dedication to preserving the natural world has led him to explore various landscapes across Canada, from the mountains to the oceans. Recently, he visited the grasslands, an area that is often overlooked in discussions of Canadian wilderness. 

During his trip, Ahmed documented the beauty and diversity of the grasslands through stunning video footage. He also highlighted the challenges facing this unique ecosystem, such as habitat loss and fragmentation due to agriculture and development. 

Through his video, Ahmed aims to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the grasslands and the need for greater conservation efforts. His passion for the environment and his commitment to promoting sustainable practices make him an invaluable asset to the Canadian Wilderness Stewardship Program and to the wider conservation community. 

Ahmed’s love for nature started at a young age, growing up in a family that prioritized spending time in the great outdoors. He developed a deep appreciation for the natural world and a desire to protect it. 

In addition to his work with CPAWS, Ahmed volunteers with local conservation organizations and advocates for sustainable policies and practices. He believes that everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment and is committed to inspiring others to take action. 

For instance, Ahmed is involved with the WildWays program at the Wilder Institute at the Calgary Zoo. This program focuses on creating wildlife corridors and habitat connectivity to help protect and restore natural spaces. 

As a volunteer with the WildWays program, Ahmed works on research projects and assists with community outreach and education initiatives. He is passionate about the importance of creating and maintaining healthy ecosystems, and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience with others. 

Ahmed’s involvement with the Wilder Institute at the Calgary Zoo is just one example of his commitment to conservation and environmental stewardship. His passion and dedication have made a significant impact on the conservation community, and he is a true asset to any organization working to protect and preserve the natural world. 

Ahmed’s video about the grasslands is just one example of his dedication to raising awareness about important environmental issues. Through his work, he hopes to inspire others to get involved and make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.