CPAWS Southern Alberta Blog

Prioritizing Values On Our Landscape

In a world that is becoming exceedingly busy, and a landscape that is becoming increasingly full, it is important to pause, plan, and prioritize values that ensure a healthy and sustainable future. In our personal lives, reality dictates that we can’t do everything all the time because of commitments, schedules, and capacity; so we have to plan accordingly. Taking on too much, or burning the candle at both ends, has a cost and is not maintainable in the long run.

The same goes for our Alberta landscape. Continual unplanned use, without prioritizing values, simply is not a recipe to safeguard our Alberta outdoor heritage. It is important that we protect areas to ensure our drinking water stays clean. It is important to have a plan for recreation so that Albertans can enjoy our province’s wilderness in ways that don’t damage it. It is also important that we work together, looking at the big picture, and find solutions that accommodate a healthy future for Albertans.

CPAWS Southern Alberta is doing all of this. We look at the big picture and recognize the value of parks and wilderness in our province. We have been part of the establishment and management of protecting these natural assets, and we want to see our parks network grow. We want our public lands managed in a way the promotes natural values and stewardship. We continue to be part of the recreation planning process in southern Alberta, looking at how we put conservation first and looking at appropriate areas for accommodating all users. We are working to protect headwaters, making sure Albertans continue to have fresh clean drinking water. It’s not a matter of balancing every interest everywhere, or doing everything, it is a matter of prioritizing irreplaceable natural values, and finding workable solutions for conservation and communities with a long-term vision.

Yours in conservation,

Executive Director, CPAWS Southern Alberta