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Science Odyssey: Improving Access & Inclusion in Environmental Education

Professional Development Opportunity

Nature supports wellness in innumerable ways, but we know that not all students have equal access to it. Mainstream natural sciences education can not only be inaccessible and expensive, it can even perpetuate systemic racism and problematic conceptions of nature. What’s more, physical and social barriers can make youth feel ignored and unwelcome in environmental education and the natural sciences – which is the last thing we want!  

In our Science Odyssey Professional Development sessions, CPAWS Southern Alberta will explore how we can provide inclusive nature connection opportunities that support students’ well-being and engagement in natural science education. These sessions will help educators understand how to respond to social inequality in environmental education by providing tools and resources that make a difference in the classroom.  

Together with our guest speaker Anna-Liza Badaloo – writer, knowledge translator, and education disruptor – we will demonstrate how to take teachers’ favourite environmental lesson plans and apply inclusive, cross-cultural guidelines to make natural science lessons both engaging and equitable.  

All are welcome! If you are an educator, work with folks outdoors, or are simply a fellow nature enthusiast, please join us at one of our three sessions: 

Tuesday May 17: 4 – 5:30PM  

Friday May 20: 9 – 10:30AM 

Friday May 20: 1 – 2:30PM 

Questions? Please reach out to our Education Team at