Vote for Nature: Getting Ready to Vote

Here we go, folks! The writ has dropped, and we’ll be heading to the polls on May 29, 2023.

While we’ll be doing in-depth coverage of conservation topics key to this year’s election in the coming weeks, let’s cover the basics of voting first — the more prepared you are, the easier it is to cast your ballot when the time comes.

Have you registered to vote?

Nowadays, it’s pretty easy and there are plenty of options! Register to vote online by clicking here. If you encounter any issues, explore the How to Register Online guide.

Looking for alternative options to registering online?

  • Register by phone
    • Call 1-877-422-8683
    • The Provincial Contact Centre is available from 8:15AM – 8PM on weekdays and 10 AM to 4 PM on weekends
  • Register in-person
    • Visit your local returning office between May 2 and 20, or by visiting any of the advance or Election Day voting places

Do you know where your nearest voting station is?

Find your electoral district by using Election Canada’s handy tool!

The Voter Information Service provides information about your electoral district, including the list of candidates, locations of advance and election day polling places, the address of your local Elections Canada office and a map of your electoral district.

What ID do you need to bring with you?

There are a few different options! You can:

  • Provide one piece of Government-issued photo ID, including your full name, current address, and photo
  • Provide two pieces of ID, both containing your full name, and with one showing your current physical address
  • Have another registered elector in your voting area vouch for you
  • Have an authorized signatory complete an attestation form

Can you encourage a friend to tag along and vote, too?

Yes, yes you can. We know you can. And, if they need a little help, refer them to this page!

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