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We’ve got 150,000 reasons to celebrate today!

Nov 24, 2020 

Infinitely unique and impossibly important, firsts can chart the future. And, nature firsts are no exception. Defined as moments when something, some place or someone wakes you to the wonder of the natural world, nature firsts can champion a cause, challenge an assumption and cultivate an entire career path. Whether nine or ninety, first water, forest, snow and summit expeditions shape you, make you, change you. Multiply this by 150,000 and – new normal or not – you are invited to a CPAWS Southern Alberta education celebration!

That’s right, a celebration! Because this fall, in addition to a jubilant shout out to every Albertan that continues to find creative and safe ways to nurture nature firsts and outdoor learning, we are over-the-moon to announce that our education programming has officially engaged over 150,000 participants! 

Since 1997, CPAWS Southern Alberta has been delivering fun, interactive nature education programs for youth, families and newcomers to Canada. From school programs that link conservation to curriculum in the classroom and on the trails… 

“By allowing students to place themselves in the hooves and claws of the grasslands, this program inspired them to truly understand how much we, as humans, impact our natural world AND how much our incredible natural world impacts us. Fun challenges and playful symbolism combined to teach an overall lesson of ‘ecological empathy’, and I am thrilled!” – Grade 6 Teacher, Livingstone School

…to newcomer programs that welcome all into their incredible Alberta backyard…

“Please continue doing this important work, educating and encouraging individuals. It is empowering when one learns and knows what they are able to do towards a successful, healthy outcome.” – BowValley College Intercultural Centre Participant

… we seek to instill awe and inspire action. In other words, in everything we do, we are nature first!

Jaclyn Angotti, Education Director, is ecstatic about reaching this milestone: “I am so proud of our education team. Over the past few years, we have created really beautiful new programmings that are inspiring Albertans of all ages to get outside, connect to nature and take action to give back to nature for all it provides for us. The pandemic is challenging for everyone and I am grateful that the CPAWS education team can continue to bring joy and nature connection to our program participants.” 

Cheers and thanks to everyone who has made this milestone possible: our dedicated teachers and program facilitators, our generous CPAWS members, supporters, and program sponsors, our invaluable education program partners, and all our program participants who engage with our programs, and take action to protect our beautiful Alberta. Because of you, our work and nature firsts will continue to champion, challenge, and connect us all.

Learn more about our education programs here.