Alberta’s Plan for Parks: Survey Guide

July 9, 2024
Mohkínstsis | Wîchîspa | Guts’ists’i | Calgary

In late June, the Government of Alberta released a survey soliciting public feedback on the creation of a new ‘Plan for Parks.’ At the time, we noted that we welcome the opportunity for Albertans to provide feedback on our parks system.

Albertans have shown repeatedly that they care about our parks and want more parks for the protection of nature and the benefits that nature provides for recreation, human health, and the many ecosystem services that communities rely on. Under Alberta’s Parks Act, the intent of our parks is to “provide for the establishment, protection, management, planning and control of provincial parks, wildland parks and provincial recreation areas, for the preservation of Alberta’s natural heritage and ecological integrity, as well as for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future generations.” 

Unfortunately, the ‘guiding principles’ in the Plan for Parks do not contain any mention of the conservation of nature, which is not only out of line with the intent of our Parks Act, but sets a dangerous tone amidst a dual biodiversity-climate crisis. 

We have therefore put together a Plan for Parks Survey Guide to help you navigate the questions and ensure that responses reflect the need for more and better conservation of our province’s incredible parks and protected areas. Remember that these are suggested responses only; fill out the survey as feels right to you.

Please note that the survey is open until August 18. Submit your response before the deadline.

Also note that depending on how you answer each question, the question number may differ from those that appear in the Survey Guide. Double-check question content before responding.