Happy Frog, Sad Frog

Help this northern leopard frog stay a happy frog!


To help us understand more about what animals need, we are going to play a little game. Work together to try to make sure our friend the northern leopard frog stays a happy frog!





northern leopard frog in water


Problem Solving

Managing Information



Happy Frog / Sad Frog Pictures

Pictures or items representing water, plants, insects, etc.

Pictures or items representing soap, road salt, garbage, etc.


20 minutes


  • Lay down the pictures of happy/sad frogs 

  • Lay out the other items/pictures around the frog pictures

  • Walk through a couple examples together:
    • Let’s look at this picture of a wetland – do we know where Northern Leopard frogs live? Wetlands – right, so how do we as frogs feel about this wetland picture? Happy!
    • How about this image of oil – what might that do to our frogs? If it spills into a wetland, that would pollute the water – frogs breathe through their skin, which means anything that is in the water will get into their bodies!
    • Would you like oil to get into your body? No, that would make you sick! It can make frogs sick too, so we would be sad.

  • Encourage your children to decide which pictures are good or bad for a frog on their own

  • Place the bad things on sad frog, good things on happy frog


Were any of the pictures particularly difficult to sort out? Here are some more things to think about if they weren't in your list of items/pictures.

  • What about worms? Did you know that frogs are carnivores and eat insects, worms and snails? These food sources make our frog happy!

  • What about fish? Some fish eat the eggs of the Northern Leopard Frog. This would make the frog sad.

  • What about the sun? Of course, the frog needs the sun to live. It keeps the frog warm, provides light and helps the plants grow around the frog’s pond. This makes our frog happy! But, if the sun shines a lot and there is no rain then the wetland or pond where the frog lives will get too warm or dry up. It can leave the frog without a home, so they would be sad. This is happening more often in Alberta due to climate change. Too much of a good thing is bad!

What do you think we can do to keep frogs happy in their environment?

  • Talk about the different sources of pollution that made the frog sad. How can we avoid them or clean them up?

  • Organize a wetland clean-up!