CPAWS Southern Alberta EVENTS

Join us for our 2023 Annual General Meeting

Please join us Tuesday, September 19th at 7PM for the Annual General Meeting of CPAWS Southern Alberta Chapter.

This meeting will include some legally required business, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to learn the latest about the chapter’s finances, the board composition, and the status of vital conservation initiatives. You’ll also learn about our award-winning education program, as well as ongoing and emerging issues in Alberta that staff are working hard on.

This year’s AGM will be held via Zoom, but if you’re in a rural area with limited internet, we’ll make sure you also have a phone number available to participate.

CPAWS Southern Alberta works diligently throughout the year to keep Alberta wild. Your support, not just financially but also through your participation, only adds to our success. See you on the 19th!

Registration for the AGM has now closed.

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