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Canadian Wilderness Stewardship Program

Magic Seeds YYC

Magic Seeds YYC is a tangible effort to foster connection between urban dwelling Calgarians and the natural, wild aspects of their world. This is done through the literal planting of seeds – magic ones, if you will – that will bring about abundant and healthy environments for southern Alberta’s native pollinators within the city, while reestablishing the innate, interconnectedness that we humans share with all that we call, “nature”. That’s where the magic happens.

Those who purchase Magic Seeds (sustainability harvested by our friends at Wild About Flowers) will experience the anticipation of growth, the satisfaction of contribution, the enjoyment of beautiful flora and the reward of friendly visitors of the fauna variety.

Each pack of Magic Seeds features a QR code that links the planter to an information page that includes both instructions for tending to their garden and insight into a bigger picture: what are the threats to native pollinators, how is the health of their populations tied to our own health, and why it all matters.

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About Brittney: Growing up in a forest down a dirt road in the Ottawa Valley, an unwavering relationship with the natural world has been an intrinsic part of Brittney’s personhood for forever. Aside from being the token “environmentalist who’s really into recycling” in most social situations, Brittney holds a BSc Honours in Psychology, and largely focused her studies on the human-nature connection. A nonprofit fundraiser by trade, she is also an avid forest wanderer (slow hiker) and passionate rambler (of the writer variety), who loves tending to a simple life at home as much as grand, wild adventures.

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