Canadian Wilderness Stewardship Program

Peaks, Pits, and Prairies

The eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies are the headwaters of the South Saskatchewan River Basin and a major source of water for the Southern Alberta landscape. Many mountain-loving folk have found sanctuary in the eastern slopes and seldom find reason to leave or explore the many other natural spaces that Alberta has to offer. The Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) is an organization rooted in creating a strong community through mentorship, education, and experiences.

With a lasting commitment to the preservation of mountain regions, the ACC actions, advocates for, and supports the conservation of alpine environments in many capacities. However, this project is the first of a larger leadership program aimed spreading awareness and appreciation for the impact and reliance that our beloved alpine has on Alberta’s endangered spaces. This will be accomplished through an educational seminar and reference materials provided for the ACC’s volunteer trip leaders. Should this be successful, this goal is to expand this portion of the program to include regular stewardship-specific camps and volunteer leader training sessions. 

About Emma: Born and raised in Southern Alberta, Emma has spent a lot of time finding new ways to connect with and learn from the diverse ecosystems that it has to offer. Be it picnicking on peaks, rolling down the foothills, or reading by the riverbank, she knows that with access to these spaces comes the responsibility to care for them. Her appreciation for mountain environments led her to Canmore, AB where she works at the Alpine Club of Canada creating opportunities for others to get out and build their own relationship with the mountains.