Canadian Wilderness Stewardship Program

Plant’s Eye View: The Story of Climate Change and Bluets

This project aims to engage the community in hands-on learning by growing long-leaved-bluets in community gardens and online school programs. This will help create opportunities to involve the community in citizen science projects related to the bluet. We will follow the journey of the bluets, a native species vulnerable to climate change,  from seeds in our garden to its new home in a translocation site. This will create empathy towards this beautiful flower while also learning about climate change and its impact on native species. But ultimately, it will empower the community to actively engage in conservation projects and climate change mitigation. Together we will learn about the importance of our biodiversity, gardening, and climate action through the life and experience of the bluets, a plant’s eye view of climate change.

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About Christopher: Christopher is a professional interpreter and science educator. He is a born and raised Albertan and feels lucky to have grown up in such a beautiful and ecologically diverse province. It is his passion to learn more about the world he lives in and to share it with as many people as possible. He is excited to work with CPAWS Southern Alberta on this project, as it is creating an opportunity for him to learn and to engage with others. With this project, he is developing a green thumb this year, and hopes for you to join too.