Past Projects

Photo Credit: Christopher Landry

2020/21 Projects

Christopher Lopez

Plant’s Eye View: The Story of Climate Change and Bluets

Engaging the community in hands-on learning and citizen science projects by caring for and creating empathy towards the long-leaved-bluets, a flower vulnerable to climate change. We will follow the journey of the bluets from seeds to their new home.  Learn more.

Abraham Richkarday

Reducing the Amount of Litter in Parks by Encouraging New Canadians to Take Pride In The Environment

Education about Canadian Parks, their benefits, and the importance of their protection through an online presentation delivered by CPAWS, and a subsequent in-person group hike with a focus on raising awareness about littering.

Audrey Lane Cockett

Stories of Ecology: Treaty 7 Ecology Guide

This project will platform stories about connection to place and give information about the unique ecological elements that feature in the stories. This project was started by a collective of people with a desire to deepen relationships amongst people and place and create an accessible educational resource that celebrates the multifaceted voices of Treaty 7 today. Learn more.


iNaturalist and the City Nature Challenge 2021: Lethbridge

This spring Lethbridge is participating in the City Nature Challenge for the first time ever. Using the app iNaturalist, this four-day bioblitz encourages people to get outside and get curious about the natural phenomena that surround our city. Learn more.


Fish Creek Provincial Park Mapping

This project will involve adding information to the Friends of Fish Creek story map that will look at topics surrounding recreation ethics and impacts. This has included camp fires, travel on durable surfaces and leaving what is found.

Lacey Roberts

The Fascinating World of Fungi

This podcast series will take you through time and space to talk about the often forgotten about decomposers that help sustain our cycle of life on Earth. Learn more.

Rayaan Farooqi

Coffeetime Conversation

Coffeetime conservation was created with the goal in mind of spreading awareness and sparking the interest of different environmental issues to people who may have not heard about them yet. Shorter in length than an average podcast, they are made for people on their commute to work or on their coffee break with a few minutes to kill. 


Alberta Watershed Ed

Alberta Watershed Ed. aims to educate participants on the nature of local river and watershed processes in Southern Alberta using accessible language to communicate the complex scientific concepts so that they may better understand the processes that deliver drinking and irrigation water, sustain ecosystems from the Rockies to Hudson Bay, and shape the landscape. Learn more.

2021/22 Projects


Peaks, Pits, and Prairies

A pilot program providing Alpine Club of Canada leaders with the knowledge to raise awareness about the reliance and impact that alpine ecosystems have on Southern Alberta’s threatened spaces. Learn more.

Brittney Wynnyk

Magic Seeds YYC

Biophilia is the idea that we as humans are innately connected to our natural world and the other creatures with which we cohabitate. Integral to reestablishing this feeling of connectedness is fostering a sense of stewardship and reciprocity. The planting of proverbial and literal seeds – and magic ones, at that. Learn more.

Madeleine Gustavson 

Our Rivers Run Through It:  Keeping the Crowsnest’s Water Clean from Coal

This audio episode of approximately an hour long gives an overview of coal’s history, waning, and resurgence in the Crowsnest Pass region in Southern Alberta. The conservation focus discusses past and current impacts of coal development on the region’s water, with a transgression to BC’s Elk Valley as an example of development gone awry. Listen here.


We are the Watershed

Engaging with outdoor recreationalists to encourage advocacy to protect the great outdoors. Recreationalists will go out to explore the Crowsnest Pass on skis, while learning about the threats that coal mining poses to the land, water, and air. 

Leo Sainarin 

Protect the Rocky Mountains from Coal Mines through Education 

Coal mines are a huge risk to the Rocky Mountains, especially with water contamination. With the coal policy no longer in effect, we all need to stand up against the government and reinstate the policy. Though, majority of citizens may not be aware of the dire effects of this policy. This is why, through education, we can attract the casual citizens to make them more aware of the situation, how it will affect themselves and nature, and how to stand up against it.